Wear it. Dear it. Bear it.
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About Bear Mimetics

  • Heating

    Bear fur consists of two layers – a long protective one and a short insulating lone. Short hairs are so dense they trap air near bear’s skin and thus keep the bear warm.

    BRBL achieves the same effect with dense knitting that provides and exceptional technical barrier and keeps the warm air inside our socks and apparel.

  • Moisture Management

    Bear need to dry quickly after a swim in a freezing river or a downpour on a cold day. How do they do it? They shake it off. It’s effective because most of the drops stay on the surface of their fur as it is not very absorbent.

    Our apparel is knitted in a way that transports moisture to the surface of it. Their special channel-like knitting makes sure the moisture slides off the socks. It practically shakes it off by itself!

  • Ventilation

    During the summer, bears shed their dense winter fur. All that remains is the upper protective hair layer, which allows for plenty of air movement while still protecting bears from the sun.

    We achieve a similar effect with special mesh knitting. It allows vapour to escape, it allows your skin to breathe and it still offers a layer of protection.

  • Support

    Bears don’t get blisters even when tramping around bearfooted. That’s because their skin doesn’t wrinkle and move around like any old sock.

    We knitted some elastic areas into our socks. Their job is to make the sock stay in place. It should fit like a second skin, support muscles, and tendons and ensure you don’t get blisters. The result? Increased endurance and less grumbling.

  • Cushioning

    Bears first step on their heels and then roll forward on their feet. As they are quite massive that wouldn’t be possible without great cushioning.

    We knitted a special channel construction that surrounds and protects your feet. Cushioning is exactly where it’s needed. It absorbs impacts and protects feet during hiking, running or skiing.