Wear it. Dear it. Bear it.
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About Us

It all began in a very foresty area of Kočevje, Slovenia. Bears have been there for a long time. They’ve been tramping up and down surrounding hills for thousands of years. After all this time they still seem to enjoy their hikes.

Love them or fear them, it’s hard not to be fascinated by these furry giants. They’ve adapted to some of the most extreme conditions on Earth and every now and then we wished we were a little more like them. That’s how BRBL was born.

Research, technology, and our knitting know-how resulted in high-quality outdoor socks and apparel. It’s tough and functional as a Grizzly, but comfortable as a Teddy Bear. We also added some of the Bear Power that surrounds us, just in case you’re facing extra harsh conditions or challenges.

We always got your back… and feet. ;)


The company behind BRBL is Intersocks, a cutting-edge producer of technical socks and apparel. Until this day they produced a couple hundred million socks for various world-renowned brands.