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Personal data of our users is one of the areas to which we pay extra care and attention. We must ensure that all requirements are not only met but achieved, if possible, as we are aware of the sensitive nature of this area.
In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1-UPB1), Creativs new media distributor d.o.o. is committed to protecting the personal data of its users.

BRBL collects the following user data for the business needs:
name and surname,
address and place of residence,
email address (your username),
contact telephone number,
password in encrypted form,
and other data that you enter into the forms on the BRBL website.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by users.

For security purposes, IP addresses are also collected from which users access the site. At the beginning of the visit, each user is assigned a session cookie to identify and monitor the shopping cart. On your computer, BRBL can also store other cookies among others, such as: the user ID in encrypted format (to identify the user at the next visit), product reviews (to know which items you have already rated), and Google Analytics cookies (visit analysis website).

All of the above data, except cookies, are permanently stored on the BRBL server. Session cookies are stored in the servers memory only for the duration of the visit and are deleted after one hour of inactivity, and permanent cookies are stored on the visitors computer.

Creativ Manager can use data in an anonymous summarized form for statistical analysis purposes. In any case, the Creativ user data will not be handed over to unauthorized persons. Delivery service (eg Pošta Slovenije) will be trusted only by the users address for delivery. We will contact the users via remote communication tools only if the user explicitly does not object to this.

Exceptional disclosure of personal information
The information collected and processed by BRBL will only be disclosed if such an obligation is specified in the law or in good faith that such action is necessary for proceedings before courts or other state authorities and for the protection and enforcement of legitimate interests of BRBL.

About cookies
What are cookies and why are they needed?

A cookie is a short text that a web site sends to your browser when you visit. This way, you recognize the website, remember its information about your visit, and provide you with a friendly and easy-to-use online service. By using cookies, we customize the content on our website, remember your preferences and record the visit of our online store. Browsing our online store is more comfortable, faster and more effective with cookies.

List of cookies we use
Cookie name Purpose Cookie time
Google Analytics - utma Allows you to view page views. 2 years
Google Analytics-utmb Provides statistics based on the users arrival time per page. 30 min
Google Analytics - utmc Allows statistics relative to the time the user leaves the page. When the web browser is closed
Google Analytics - utmz Allows you to visit and sell statistics across different channels. 6 months
Google Analytics - utmv Allows user segmentation on the page. 2 years
Google Analytics shows the page views page and analyzes sales across different sales channels. 6 months
Google Analytics - cid Statistics of page views and analysis of sales through different sales channels 6 months