Wear it. Dear it. Bear it.
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Feel the advantages of being a bear

Now you can experience bear comfort and durability without being a bear!

A big part of our R&D is… nature. Millions of years of evolution fine-tuned bear's fur and paws to the wilderness. We mimicked and enhanced their qualities with a little help of technology and special knitting techniques.

Moisture Management
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Adapt and conquer any conditions

Changing hide is harder than changing clothes!

Make the most of this advantage, find your ideal collection and adapt to any conditions nature throws at you.

You like being active, but not too active. You enjoy an easy run, a walk in the forest or a weekend trip. However, if someone mentions a long, exhausting hike, you start to grumble.
You want comfortable and functional apparel, but don't really need any of the high-end technical stuff. Prepare to be touched by our TOUCH collection.

Everything under 1000 meters is only a warm-up. You know it's about the journey, not just the destination. However, a nice view at the top is always a bonus.
You enjoy pushing yourself and you're a bit disappointed if you're not sweaty enough after you’re done. Adapt to everything on your path with our ADAPT collection.

Let's be honest, a lot of people would say you're a bit crazy. But why not? That's what makes life interesting.
You often visit places others don't even dare to think about. Extreme exploits and adrenaline are pushing you forward. You want to be comfortable and deserve the best possible protection. Let us shield you with our SHIELD collection.

Preserving our planet

You love and enjoy nature. We do too. That's why we strive to run a sustainable business.

Our apparel doesn't include any harmful materials (OEKO-TEX certificate), our catalogs are made out of recycled paper and our store standings are plastic free.
We are also firmly against any unethical work practices and we don't tolerate them in our supply chain (SA 8000 certificate).